About us

We are a consulting and service oriented enterprise, specialized in the technology trade, especially in the construction and mining area, but also in the energy and industrial packing sector. We are advertising our clients in the best possibilities to resolve the technical and technological solutions for their individual problematic.

We are specialized in the trade with second hand equipment, equipment in good and very good conditions. There are many machines discarded by their owners by different reasons which are still in good and very good conditions. One group of our employees are supervising the market of used equipment and analyzing the equipment. If the equipment is in good conditions we are incorporating in our machinery stock you can see here in this web site.

Professional competence

Our interdisciplinary approach ensures a high quality service, using methodologically based analysis tools, economic and legal foundations. We are developing branch specific solutions for our customers.

Employee engagement

In order to achieve for you an optimal level of our services, we rely on the expertise of our staff, which were have selected based on strict evaluation of their performance. Thereby also their social skills and awareness is an essential criterion.





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