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       For sellers of plants and machinery

Our offer to sellers of plant and machinery is divided into the following options:

  • Inspection and evaluation of used plant and equipment
  • Elaboration of renovation plans for second-hand plant and equipment
  • Commercialisation of used equipment and machinery, using:
    • Preparation of an exposť of the equipment
      Collection of technical and market data
      Our own website
    • Publication on specialised websites
    • Mailing activities, using our address collection:
      • Almost 2,800 construction and building material companies, mainly in Spain, Germany other European countries, as well as in Asia, Latin America and Africa
      • More than 10,000 used machinery dealers worldwide
  • Search for customers for used machinery on behalf of our customers
  • Checking the creditworthiness of possible customers
  • Determination of dismantling and transport possibilities and the associated costs
  • Organisation of inspection appointments for potential customers - for both customer parties
  • Support in contractual matters for both parties
  • Dismantling with own personnel or technical support in this activity for the clients or supervision of the dismantling process
  • Organisation of transport and shipment
  • Reassembly of the plant or machine at its new location, technical support or with own personnel
  • Technical support for the commissioning of the plant and for all questions concerning technology and material supply

For buyers who are looking for used technology

When a potential buyer initiates a purchase order, MaquiyTec proceeds as follows:

  • Analysis of the customer's technological requirements under his specific conditions
  • Determination of the technologically relevant parameters of the "desired plant
  • In case the plant is not available in MaquiyTec's stock:
  • Search request to friendly dealers and agents
  • Placement of corresponding search queries on relevant Internet portals
  • Mailing queries according to our dealer and agent file
  • Coordination of the results of the market analysis with the customer interested in purchase
  • Evaluation and inspection of possible plants on site
  • After agreement with the customer, calculation of transport costs and ancillary costs - thus cost calculation for the buyer
  • On-site inspection of the plant with customer staff and price determination for the plant
  • After agreement with the buyer, start of sales negotiations with the seller
  • Dismantling, transport, erection and commissioning support with own staff or in coordination of activities and other consulting and operational and administrative matters

The time factor

The time factor is important and should be taken into account from the beginning of the activities, because, both when buying and selling, are to be considered:

  • You should bear in mind when buying, as well as when selling, used equipment that the path to closing a deal is longer than for new equipment, whose condition is standard new value.
  • Finding suitable offers takes time, time to find an interested business partner, to check the circumstances and to contact him.
  • As a rule, the plants have to be inspected twice, by our technicians and the potential business partner.

So, as soon as you are evaluating decommissioning a plant, please inform us, because the residual plant value should be taken into account in your decommissioning decision, it can significantly influence a profitability calculation. We have had cases where the owner of a plant had overestimated its residual sale value, thus withdrawing from his intention to sell, but also reverse cases where the plant sale turned out to be an essential source for the new purchase of an analogue plant, because the value of the plant given by the bank was estimated to be much lower than that which could be achieved in a sale. In any case, you gain clarity and freedom of action.

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